“warfare to the last breath”
happy is the one with a rule

don’t believe in me

ResponsibilityChapter 2 of Beth Tanner’s The Psalms for Today focuses on Psalm 8.  At one point she notes how in verse 5 the psalmist says to God, referring to humans, “you have made each just a little lower than God, and crowned each with glory and honor.”

She later says, “I think one of the biggest problems of human beings is that we do not believe in ourselves as much as God believes in us.…God actually believes that we can change the world and that we can be the instruments of God’s kingdom here on earth.” (18) 
Are we comfortable with that amount of affirmation from the Holy One?  Do we want it?  It seems to bring with it a great deal of responsibility.  Actually, it does!  The biggest responsibility is for each of us to live a truly human life.  We find that being human is not an excuse.  It is, as the psalmist discovers, a very high calling.


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